We have been Fine-Free for almost two years now!
Books & DVDs no longer incur fines if you are a few days behind returning it.
There are exceptions to our FINE-FREE rule; 
  • Wireless Hotspots - DO still incur a fine if you are late returning it, $3.00 per day; as these are items we pay to have service, as well as them being a more expensive item to replace.
  • e-Readers - Incur fines; these items are also expensive to replace, especially because they have many books downloaded on them that we have paid for.
  • Board Games - Also DO incur a fine ($3.00 a day); these items have lots of small pieces and if one is lost then the whole game must be replaced.
  • Inter-Library Loans - It is at the discretion of the lending library; if you borrow a book from a library that still has late fines and you don't return it on time, it is up to that library to send you a bill.