Fine Free

  • What does it mean to be Fine Free?

    Being fine free at the Crawford County Library simply means we no longer charge daily late fees for your items being late, however there is an exception to this rule and that includes our wireless hot spots and board games which incur a $3/day late fee.

    It is the responsibility of the patron to make sure they renew their items. Depending on which materials you have checked out, you have will at least a month after your due date before you receive a final bill for the “lost” items. Patrons will automatically receive up to 3 notices via phone, email and/or text to inform them of overdue items. Please make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information.

    Patrons are not charged anything until a final bill is generated. That is when a $5 non-refundable processing fee is added to the account. After receiving the final bill, a patron has 90 calendar days to return or pay for lost/damaged items before the account is handed over to the collection agency and that is when the patron’s account is billed a $12 non-refundable collection fee.  Separately, if a patron returns an item that is damaged, the patron’s account will be charged a $5 damage fee along with the cost of item that needs to be replaced.

  • Inter-Library Loans - It is at the discretion of the lending library; if you borrow a book from a library that still has late fines and you don't return it on time, it is up to that library to send you a bill. 

    Please visit the policy page and look at Policies 402 (Lost and Damaged Library Materials) and 402.1 (Fine Free) for a full explanation. And if you still have questions, please contact the Library Director.