November Patron Review - Ginger Lyons

Ginger Lyons

Being a patron of the Crawford Library system for over 20 years, retired senior and an avid reader I am afforded time to pursue my passion of books. I enjoy most genres but especially like mysteries.
One of the favorite grouping is Virginia Lanier’s Bloodhound series. Ms. Lanier published her first novel in 1995 entitled “Death in Bloodhound Red”. Her heroine is Jo Beth Sidden, owner and trainer of Bloodhounds, Inc. and Search and Rescue Unit in Dunston, Georgia on the border of the Okefenokee Swamp. Her descriptive writing has you actually smelling the dampness of the swamp, feeling the sting of insect bites and hearing the twang of the southern accent. This first story and those that follow display the dedication of Jo Beth in her calling and career, the love and care of her hounds and a vivid picture of the woman herself. There is death, triumph, failure and even humor in each story, which will make you want to read on to the next book.
Ms. Lanier wrote 6 novels and unfortunately suffered a stroke and ultimately passed away October 27, 2003. Her legacy lives on in these stories and exciting adventures of Jo Beth Sidden. Don’t miss any of them.
Happy reading,
Ginger Lyons


We currently carry all six of Virginia Lanier's "Bloodhound series" at the Devereaux Memorial Library. They are located in our Mystery Section.

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