Crawford County Library System Patron Registration

"I agree to be responsible for material borrowed with this card, for all fines incurred and for the loss and damage of materials charged to it. I accept responsibility for the selection of materials made by this person."

Complete the form below to apply for your card. We try to process all online applications within 2 business days. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email stating that the library card is ready to be picked up. Please stop by the home library that you have chosen to verify your account and to pick up your library card. Please wait until you receive the email stating that your library card is ready for pickup.

If the library card is not picked up 30 days after it has been completed, it will be discarded. At that point, the person must come into the library to fill out a library card application.

Child Library Card Registration

I understand it is my responsibility for the oversight of my minor child's use of the library and its resources.