Sign Up for a Library Card

Policy No. 401
Subject: New Patron Policy
Obtaining a Library Card
There is no charge to residents for initial library card. In order to obtain a library card, patrons 
must currently be a resident of Crawford County and complete a patron registration card. The 
requirements for adults and minors to obtain a library card are listed below.

Crawford County residents
Adults: Adults, age 18 and older, may obtain a library card if they present a current Michigan 
Driver’s License or Michigan ID displaying the holder’s current address.
Minors: Patrons under the age of 18 may obtain a library card with a parent or legal guardian 
present, who must present a current Michigan Driver’s License or Michigan ID displaying the 
parent or legal guardian’s current address. The library’s registration card for minors requires the 
signature of the parent or legal guardian.

If a person lives outside Crawford County, but owns property or a business in Crawford County, 
a current driver’s license or state ID, along with proof of property ownership, such as a Crawford 
County tax assessment or a utility bill, must be presented to obtain a library card.
Non-residents who do not own property or a business in Crawford County AND do not possess a 
valid Michigan library card, OR those residing outside of Michigan, may obtain a temporary 
Crawford County library card by presenting their current driver’s license or state ID card. The fee 
for a temporary, non-resident library card is $10.
The Crawford County Library will accept library cards in good standing from all libraries within 
the state of Michigan, subject to the circulation policies of the Crawford County Library. There is 
no charge to non-residents who possess a valid Michigan library card as long as a patron 
registration card is completed, a current driver’s license or state ID is presented, and the barcode 
of the issuing library is on file.

Business and Institution Library Cards
Business and institutional library cards may be issued at no charge if the business or institution 
submits a letter on organizational letterhead requesting the card and stating that the organization 
is responsible for all materials checked out on the library card and the request is approved by the 
Library Director or designee. Business and institution cards are valid for a term of one year. All 
other borrowing privileges are the same as for an individual card.

Signature Statement – Library Card Application
“I agree to be responsible for material borrowed with this card, for all fines incurred, and for loss 
and damage of materials charged to it. I accept responsibility for the selection of materials made 
by this person. I understand it is my responsibility for the oversight of my minor child’s use of the 
library and its resources.”

Expiration Date
Individual library cards are valid for a term of three years. In order to renew library cards, patrons 
need to produce valid identification as listed above. All library cards will be reviewed and 
information updated annually by the library.

Lost Library Cards/Change of Address
Library cards are like credit cards in that they allow their possessors to borrow hundreds of dollars 
worth of materials. The library assumes that the person using a library card is the owner of that 
card or has the permission of the owner to use the card.
In the event of a lost or stolen card, the patron is responsible for notifying the library immediately. 
All materials checked out on a library card are the responsibility of the patron until the loss is 
reported. Until the library is notified of a lost or stolen card, a library card is valid and its owner 
is responsible for all use of the card and for any lost or overdue materials and fees incurred. In the 
case of minors under age 18, the parent or legal guardian who signed the library card application 
is the responsible party. In order to obtain a replacement library card, patrons need to produce 
valid identification as listed above. A fee of $2.00 will be charged to replace lost or damaged 
library cards.
Change of address or telephone number should also be reported promptly. The library may not be 
able to contact a patron regarding important information if his/her address or telephone number is 
not up to date.

Borrowing Materials
Patrons may check out on their account no more than ten items at any given time. Exceptions may 
be made at the discretion of the Library Director. Library patrons need to present a library card at 
the time of check-out. Adults who have forgotten their library cards may check out materials by 
presenting a current driver’s license or a state ID card with current address. Minors who cannot 
present their library card may not check out materials without a parent or legal guardian present.

ADOPTED: October 10, 2000
REVIEWED: July 10, 2003, January 13, 2005, October 8, 2009, May 9, 2013, 
 October 9, 2015, April 12, 2018, December 13, 2018, February 27, 2023
AMENDED: January 13, 2005, October 8, 2009, May 9, 2013, October 8, 2015, 
 April 12, 2018, December 13, 2018, March 9, 2023